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Optical Illusion – Watch Full Music Video Free – Korea – Music Videos – Viki.


My Love Story

Episode 5 My desision 

That night I thought about breaking up and I asked myself did he want to left me because of another girl. I also thought of moving so that I don’t need to see his face again. Then I desided to go to Korea because ______ (a guy from episode 2) is moving to Korea his home country. But I also I didn’t want to leave my friends and my best friend. On the next day I saw my bf trying to to make 
______ (the boy from episode 2) ask her out. She knows that I like ______  but she is trying to flirt with him so i desided to leave the country and go to Korea. To be continued……. read My love story every Monday and Friday.

my love story

Episode 4 Breaking Up

I had dinner together after school at a restaurant after school with my boyfriend.We were in a private room. We ordered something to eat and while we were eating he suddenly spoke he said, lets break up. I was so surprised. I know he is 5 years older than me but how could he do this to me.BREAKING  UP ?????

my love story

Episode 3 Really???

On Wednesday we met at the coffee shop in a coincidence. I saw him a girl holding hands tightly. I thought she was 50 year old. I thought he was cheating on me but he said it was his mom. On Tuesday he said his mom is in the late 40s .  

my love story.

Episode 2 OMG!!!

I was riding the same school bus as ______ he was another guy.I was looking at him because he looked so handsome. When I looked at him he was looking at me OMG!!!! I could feel that he was looking at me when i wasn’t. I thought it was so romantic and was also a dream.

My Love Story

Episode  1 Introduction

Today was a magical day because _____ asked me out and I had a date with him and it was amazing. We had lunch together, ate ice-cream together and even went to my favourite place and it was the arcade. We had so much fun. Even though it was just a couple of hours I felt like it was a miracle. _____ said we should meet often. Read My Love Story every Monday and Friday.

life is hard

oh my god today i was scold three times. i know i was wrong but you don’t need to get mad over such a little thing. i really love school but this is just not it. how could a teacher get mad just because i was asking her when she was talking. i know it really was rude but it’s just not fair. nothing is fair in fifth grade. and i’m really sorry for mixing things up at the top.